Tariff Structure
Biocert International Pvt Ltd

Item Production Category Certification cost ($) as per COR/IFOAM accredited/IACB equivalence EU Standards Remarks
Application review, evaluation, certification decision
  1. Individual Producer
  2. Grower Group
  3. Processor-Food
  4. Trader (Packaging and labelling)
  5. Input Manufacturer
  6. Process feed
$300/per day -
Inspection Man-day's $400/per day -
Travel Time $400/per day or as actual -
Certification, Issuance of Certificates & Label Approval $100 per certificate -
Chemical, Heavy Metal, GMO Analysis, if required As per cost estimation received from ISO17025 accredited Laboratory Fees for Chemical, Heavy Metal & GMO analysis if requires
Note: Tariff is exclusive of taxes; operator needs to pay service tax & any other applicable taxes as set out by concern department / authority.