An initial on-site inspection shall be conducted for each operation requesting certification and include the unit, facility and site that produces or handles products included in an operation for which certification is requested. An on-site inspection shall be conducted annually. Inspections for each certified operation that produces or handles products are required for the purpose of determining whether to approve the request for certification or whether the certification of the operation should continue.

Biocert International Pvt ltd may conduct additional on-site inspections (either announced or unannounced) of first time operators for certification and currently certified operations to determine compliance with applicable standards, and if necessary to verify the requirement. All on-site inspections must be conducted when an authorized representative of the operation who is knowledgeable about the operation is present and at a time when the land and/or facilities demonstrate the operation’s compliance with or capability to comply with the relevant standards. This requirement does not apply to unannounced on-site inspections

During the Inspection

The inspector will inspect each production unit, facility, and site that produces or handles products and that is included in the request for certification. The Inspector will also review documents, record- keeping systems, interview personnel, and perform sampling as warranted. Operators must allow the inspector to have complete access to the production and handling operation, including non-certified production and handling areas, structures and offices.

During the inspection, the inspector will verify the following information:

  • The operations’ compliance or capability to comply with the standards as applicable;
  • The information provided in the application, including that the management/ system plan accurately reflects the practices used or to be used by the operator for certification or by the certified operation;
  • That prohibited substances have not been and are not being utilized in an operation requested for certification. Biocert International Pvt ltd may instruct the inspector to collect and have tested samples of soil, water, waste, seeds, plant tissue, and plant, animal and processed products to verify compliance as per the sampling protocol.
  • That an audit trail is developed and maintained sufficiently to ensure all organic Production can be traced back through the system and contamination risk is managed accordingly.

Non Compliances:-Major, Minor, or Critical.

Notice of Noncompliance

If Inspector believes that an operator or client is not able to comply or has not complied with the requirements of the relevant standards, Inspector will provide a written Notification of Noncompliance. The operator or client must respond with satisfactory evidence of compliance within the timeline specified by Inspector.

The Notification of Noncompliance shall provide:

  • A description of each noncompliance,
  • The facts upon which the notification of noncompliance is based, and
  • The date by which the operator or client must rebut or correct each noncompliance, and submit supporting documentation of each such correction when correction is possible.

Exit Interview

The inspector will conduct an exit interview with an authorized agent of the operation in order to confirm the accuracy and completeness of the inspection observations and the information gathered during the inspection. At this time the inspector will notify the operator or certified operation of any additional information needed or of anything that appears to be out of compliance with relevant standards.

The inspector will provide the operator with a receipt for any samples taken during the inspection. Any additional information or items that appear out of compliance will be presented in writing in the Exit Interview Form. The operator is expected to read all items described in the Exit Interview Form and sign this document as acknowledgement that such items have been explained to him. From the time of the exit interview, the inspector is allotted a maximum of 21 days to complete and submit the inspection report to Biocert International Pvt ltd.

Additional Standards Required Inspections Unannounced on-site inspections may be conducted at any time at the discretion of Biocert International Pvt ltd to confirm compliance to the Standards.