Final Compliance Evaluation of Inspection Records (Inspection Report, Inspection checklist, Non conformity Analysis Report):

Within a reasonable time after receipt of the inspection report and other related records from Inspector, the Evaluator/Certification manager conduct the Final Compliance Review, which shall commence within 10 days of submission. The Final Compliance Review may not be conducted by a Reviewer who conducted the application Review or who conducted the on-site inspection.

Resolution of NoncomplianceIn response to a Notice of Noncompliance, the operator or client may:

  • Correct the noncompliance(s) and submit a description of the corrective actions taken with supporting documentation to Biocert International Pvt ltd,
  • Submit written information to Biocert International Pvt ltd to rebut the noncompliance described in the Notification of Noncompliance. Once the corrective actions are received back from the operator or client, Biocert International Pvt ltd will evaluate the corrective actions taken and supporting documentation submitted and conduct an on-site inspection if necessary.

Biocert International Pvt ltd may at any time of the certification decision process make request(s) for more information to determine compliance with relevant standards. When the corrective action is sufficient for the operator to qualify for certification, Biocert International Pvt ltd will issue the operator an approval of certification.