Disputes Appeals and Complaints


Any dispute with respect to denial of certification or proposed suspension or revocation of certification, operator may request for Mediation. Mediation shall be requested in writing to Biocert International Pvt ltd.

If Biocert International Pvt ltd rejects the request for Mediation, Biocert International Pvt ltd shall notify the client and shall advise client the right to request an appeal pursuant to Section 15.2, within 30 days of the date of the written notification of rejection. The parties of the Mediation shall have no more than 30 days to reach an agreement following a Mediation session. Any agreement reached during or as a result of the Mediation process shall be in compliance with the Standards the operator has applied for certification or certified against. If Mediation is unsuccessful, the client shall have 30 days from termination of Mediation to appeal to Biocert International Pvt ltd pursuant to Section Appeals.


All requests and notices of appeal must be made in writing and be accompanied by supporting documentation. The written appeal must provide sufficient detail and describe prior involvement in the operation at issue. A written appeal must be submitted within 30 days of receipt of establishing the invalidity of a certification decision rests with the filing notification or public announcement of certification status.

  • If Biocert International Pvt ltd sustains a certification applicant's or certified operation's appeal of Biocert International Pvt ltd decision, the applicant will be issued certification, or a certified operation will continue its certification, as applicable to the operation
  • If Biocert International Pvt ltd denies an appeal, a formal administrative proceeding will be initiated to deny, suspend, or revoke the certification as appropriate. In the case of appeals of decisions based on the Biocert International Pvt ltd Standards, an operator or any other party wishing to contest a certification decision must attempt to resolve the matter with Biocert International Pvt ltd. If the appeal is unsuccessful, then the next step is to withdraw the disputed matter.


A Complaint may come from either clients (e.g., producers, contract producers, processors, handlers, etc) or from other parties such as interested stakeholders or the general public. Biocert International Pvt ltd must investigate any complain regarding clients’ activities in relation to the applicable standards and complaints regarding Biocert International Pvt ltd ‘s certification operations. Complaints must be written and accompanied by supporting evidence; including prior involvement in the operation at issue.

The Managing Director or their designate will conduct an investigation of the compliant. The investigation will be conducted in a confidential and timely manner. Appropriate corrective and preventive action and resolution of any deficiencies found in products or services shall be taken and documented if a certified party or applicant refuses to cooperate in an investigation, Biocert International Pvt ltd may deem this sufficient cause for denial or suspension of application or certification. Biocert International Pvt ltd will maintain a record of all Complaints.