Application Review

Once Biocert International Pvt ltd receives the application, it shall take approximately 2 weeks to review the application. The exact time will vary depending on the completeness of the application, responsiveness of the operator to requests for more information, as well as the availability of the reviewer.

Each application is reviewed to ensure its completeness and to determine whether operator appears to comply or may be able to comply with the standards in question.Review of application along with quotation & Inspection & Certification contract sent to operator for acceptance.

Biocert International Pvt ltd ensures its capability to perform the certification services with respect to the scope of certification requested, the location of the operation and any special requirements such as language used by the operator. The certification staff will verify that an operator who has previously applied to another certification agency and received a notification of noncompliance or denial of certification has submitted documentation to support the correction of any noncompliance(s) identified by the notification of noncompliance or denial of certification. Biocert International Pvt ltd treats any application that includes a Notification of Noncompliance or a Notice of Denial of Certification as a new operator and it must follow the whole process as per standards in question.

This provides Biocert International Pvt ltd and the operator an opportunity to clearly define, document and understand the requirements for certification, and to resolve any differences in understanding between Biocert International Pvt ltd and the operator prior to the assignment of the initial inspection.

Key items for a complete review include:

  • Signed Application
  • Supporting Application information (i.e. farm, facility maps, and organic product profile).
  • The name of the person completing the application, the operator’s business name , address and telephone number; and when the operator is a company, the name, address and telephone number of the person authorized to act on the operator’s behalf.
  • The names(s) of any organic certifying agent(s) to which application has previously been submitted; the year(s) of application; The outcome of the application(s) submission, including when available a copy of any notification of non-compliance(s) or denial of certification issued to the operator, and a description of the actions taken by the operator to correct the noncompliance(s) noted in the notification of noncompliance, including, evidences-of-such, correction
  • Any other information necessary to determine compliance with the relevant standards. Unsigned or incomplete applications may be returned to the operator, and an applicable postage and handling fee may be required for application resubmission. If the reviewer finds the operation to be out of compliance, the operator will be notified in writing of the non-conformance(s) and given the opportunity to document corrective action. If documentation of corrective action is not addressed within 30 days, the certification file will be considered inactive and certification staff will begin procedures to deny certification, as per procedure for denial once the completed application and supporting materials have been reviewed and approved, an initial inspection will be scheduled to verify the information provided in the application.

After receiving the review, Inspection & Certification contract and quotation acceptance and a Demand Draft / NEFT/ RTGS (70% of the quotation) in favour of Biocert International Pvt ltd, admin manager sends intimation to the Inspection Manager for perusal. After obtaining the confirmation of advance amount being deposited, the inspection shall be conducted. The information contained in the application form is treated as confidential and is not divulged without proper authorization from the Managing Director.The application form is held till Biocert International Pvt ltd renders service or at least ten years; whichever is more.