Application Packet

An initial application packet is provided to any operator upon receipt of an enquiry through mail, phone, fax, or other way of communication.The application packet contains a detailed description of the inspection and certification procedures for all category(s) and scopes(s) of certification, including all standards for certification, and the operator’s rights and duties of the client.

The Biocert International Certification Packet contains the following:

        1.     A soft copy of Standards
        2.     Tariff if requested by operator
        3.     Application form & Management/System Plan as per requested category
        4.     Other information as deemed necessary (e.g., brochures, newsletter)
        5.     Certification Procedures

The client is responsible for maintaining these initial documents, which will be used throughout the certification steps described in this section.The Application per each type of category of certification must be completed and returned to Biocert International Pvt ltd. The operator must make two copies of the submission including attachments, keeping one copy and sending the other copy along with the original completed application and management/System plan.